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The Promise of Change Management

Change management promises big things. It will take care of the “people side of change” enabling large-scale projects to deliver satisfactory results. It will help employees through disruptive transitions, allowing them to embrace new roles, processes and technologies. It will speed up learning curves, quicken adoption and facilitate knowledge transfer. And, investing in enterprise change management will create agile organizations, allowing businesses to transform their corporate culture successfully time and time again.

The Truth

Is it delivering? The inconvenient truth, says McKinsey Partner Scott Keller, is that change management is NOT living up to the hype. In fact, it has not improved outcomes in the 30 or so years that it has emerged as a distinct approach to facilitating organizational change. A 2013 McKinsey article claims that only about 30% of change management initiatives are effective, a rate unchanged since the mid-1990s.

“This failure to live up to its promise is why many senior executives today recoil at the mere mention of the words ‘change management’.  Memories come flooding back of significant time and effort invested in the “soft stuff” that, in the end, yielded little tangible value.”

What’s Missing?

Data. The ability to pinpoint resistance. Measurement. A consistent process. An engaging dialogue with stakeholders.  These are just a few of the key missing pieces that Darwin provides.

Darwin Solutions Inc. has one mission: to help your organization manage change successfully.

We developed our mission while practicing traditional change management methods. What we really needed was a consistent workflow and tools to measure our success so we created Darwin, an easy-to-use cloud based, mobile friendly application designed by change managers for change managers.

Darwin enables you to manage multiple projects and change initiatives with powerful, time-saving tools. Darwin measures employee change-readiness, identifies areas of resistance, provides data on the effectiveness of your communications plan, and captures stakeholder adoption and proficiency rates months after the project team has left.  The data lets your organization know employees gained new skills and efficiencies, your project team was successful and the desired return on investment was achieved.

Welcome to Darwin, the evolution of change management.