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The Darwin SaaS: The Evolution of Change Management

Darwin Solutions Inc. is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company offering Darwin, an Organizational Change Management (OCM) Application for practitioners, teams and enterprises.  Darwin is perfect for organizations seeking to develop an effective in-house OCM capacity and/or manage existing resources more efficiently.

The Darwin Application offers:

  • A Consistent Workflow:  Start here. Finish there. With everyone on the same page it’s easy to produce consistently positive outcomes. Even if a resource leaves mid-project, one glance tells you what’s been done and what still needs doing.
  • Ongoing Dialogue with Stakeholders:  Engaging stakeholders starts with dialogue, progresses to building trust and ends with stakeholders modeling positive new behaviors. Darwin’s two-way communications invite stakeholders into the change process in a powerfully engaging way.
  • The Ability to Pinpoint and Mitigate Employee Resistance:  Employee data lets you know who in the organization favors the change and who does not. Pinpointing resistance enables you to scale your approach, concentrate on problem areas where efforts are needed most, and then measure again to know if employees have been won over.
  • Leadership Alignment:  Darwin effortlessly aligns leaders and sponsors by providing them with the tools necessary to influence stakeholders, model change and foster participation.
  • Data, Measurement, Reports and Results:  Darwin measures how employees adopt change because organizations need to know the bottom line. Are employees using the new technology, processes, behaviors? Are they more productive than before? Less? The same? Likely to improve? We measure because your bottom line is also our bottom line.
  • Templates, Tool-kits & Training Plans:  Detailed communications plans, manager’s tool-kits and training plans – all are included throughout the process.
  • Manage Multiple Projects:  Darwin allows resources to easily manage multiple projects. A powerful dashboard and user-friendly calendar make it easy to stay on top of tasks and activities.

Darwin was developed by certified change managers seeking to add value. With Darwin, organizational change managers are able to scale plans accurately, measure their effectiveness and track employee adoption. Darwin makes it possible to build trust with employees, include KPI and provide real, measurable results.

Darwin’s Change Management SaaS:

  • Reduces time to perform tasks
  • Handles multiple projects at once
  • Delivers consistent, measurable results
  • Strengthens PMOs by delivering projects on time and within budget
  • Encourages employees to engage in learning new technologies and processes

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