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New Year’s ‘Revolutions’ for Change Managers

Posted Thursday, January 7th, 2016

Welcome back to work after a hectic holiday season! As you resume your role as an organization’s change manager, you are likely facing the same challenges as last year – a rapid pace of change, major projects requiring support and a shortage of time and resources to facilitate change effectively. Here are some New Year’s ‘Revolutions’ to get you started on the right track:

  1. R-Evolution-condensedMeet with the Sponsors – set up meetings with every one of your Sponsors to review project goals, timelines and success measures. Validate all those assumptions by getting clarification from the top!
  2. Review your workload – do each of the projects you’ve been assigned really require structured change efforts? Shift to the most impactful transformations taking place and leave the incremental, business as usual stuff behind.
  3. Be more agile – if your team is supporting more and more agile projects, start your mornings with a scrum to increase your knowledge and understanding of the process.
  4. Share the expertise – bring some articles, blogs and useful tips to your next team meeting to empower and strengthen your entire team.
  5. Set yourself and your team up for success in 2016 by reviewing your current change management tools, processes and templates. Shed the less than useful ones and subscribe to time-saving, outcome based tools like

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