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Happy New Year (for Change Managers)!

Posted Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

NewYearsEveIt seems the moment after a planned “go live” the project team and sponsors are celebrating like it is New Year’s Eve. The technical work is wrapped up, testing and training have been completed and the team is eager to celebrate their hard work and successful collaboration!

For organizational change managers and stakeholders, however, “go live” is more like New Year’s Day. The resolutions have been carefully written. They make sense and promise a brighter future. Now it is time to start the new behaviours and the hard work that goes into achieving those goals. There is no partying – just the start of a slow, unfamiliar process to improve sometime in the future.

No wonder 88% of New Year’s resolutions and about 70% of organizational change initiatives fail (University of Bristol, 2007, McKinsey, 2013).

When resolutions are kept and transformational changes succeed – the reasons are remarkably similar:

  1. They both have clear, measureable goals
  2. The goals are reasonable and attainable in the circumstances
  3. The goals are created collaboratively not imposed externally.

So, while the project team is off partying, ensure your organization a successful change by helping stakeholders develop clear, shared and attainable goals. And if you need help measuring those goals, there’s an app for that (


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