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Darwin’s Organizational Change Management tools, people and training increase the likelihood of success of your change initiative.

Investing large amounts of money in a new culture, technology or process, and believing that people will simply embrace these changes because “it’s their job” is not enough. Any change requires a robust change management strategy and execution plan.

Darwin’s Change Management consultants expertly manage the “people side” of change and build the internal capabilities required to succeed in a changing environment.

Darwin’s structured processes and tools, coupled with skilled, experienced and certified change management consultants, give your organization the advantage to increase change adoption and the chances that your business initiative will be successful.

Consulting Approach

Darwin’s trained consultants:

  • Use one consistent workflow to manage your change initiative from beginning to end… Say goodbye to the limitations of Excel spreadsheets.
  • Build trust by engaging stakeholders before, during and after the change
  • Have the tools needed to measure change readiness and pinpoint areas of resistance
  • Are equipped with tools to quickly align leaders and project sponsors
  • Using stakeholder feedback to build and implement detailed stakeholder engagement plans
  • Measure change adoption, proficiency rages rates and finalize documentation
  • Meet project timelines and stay on budget


Our Organizational Change Management consulting approach assumes that successful change requires active sponsorship, early employee involvement, effective communication, and post-implementation support.

You can utilize Darwin’s services in various ways, including delivering full-time, part-time, or advisory change management services.

Our Change Management methodology, tools and people will give your organization the advantage in a changing world.

Darwin Training

Our Darwin experts are able to evolve your change management practice by providing Darwin training in both classroom and on-line settings. Whether you need a one-on-one 90 minute on-line webinar or a three day, on-site, team session, our team can help get you up and running with Darwin.

Please contact us to discuss your Darwin training needs.