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Organizations face challenges when employees are required to embrace change. Darwin gives practitioners, teams and enterprises powerful tools to engage employees, drive adoption and measure results. It’s your change, managed.

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  • One Consistent Workflow

    Manage Multiple Changes with One Consistent Workflow

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  • Engage Stakeholders

    Before, During and After the Changes Have Been Made

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  • Pinpoint Resistance

    Identify Areas of Change Readiness & Resistance

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  • Align Leadership

    Align Stakeholders with Executives and Managers to Support Change Initiative

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  • Measure Adoption

    Demonstrate Proficiency & Change Adoption, Finalize Documentation

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    Saving on Change Management Costs Taxpayers $400M: The Phoenix Fiasco

    Posted Sunday, September 10th, 2017

    The Government of Canada’s broken payroll system, Phoenix, is a fiasco. The self-serve payroll system implemented in February 2016 at a cost of $400M is not paying, overpaying or underpaying nearly half of civil servants. Workers’ personal information has been left exposed. Federal government IT staff dramatically underestimated data volumes, requiring major server and network upgrades. The city chosen to host the system has inadequate bandwidth for the job. Unanticipated change orders have added millions to the project costs. Data conversion has been problematic; even the interpretation of contracts stipulating payroll benefits has been inconsistently applied. More staff – not fewer staff as the payroll implementation promised – have been hired and received (well, maybe they’ve received) costly retention bonuses. Government decision-makers have ignored stakeholders […]


    Is Sears a Target?

    Posted Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

    Canada’s retail landscape is littered with failures. Target, Zellers, Eaton’s, Beaver Lumber, Sam the Record Man, Dominion’s, Bata and Saan, just to name a few.
    Sears Canada is on the watch list due to mounting losses, store closures, lay-offs and sell offs. Sears is trying new things, like boosting online shopping capabilities, redesigning stores to enhance consumer traffic and most recently, shifting into the grocery market. So far, however, there has been little improvement in the company’s fortunes.
    In our last blog, we examined the reasons for Target Canada’s spectacular crash and burn. Target acted upon a series of untested assumptions without consulting their local managers and frontline staff. Each of these critical assumptions proved wrong. Target thought it could offer consumers a wider variety […]